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SQL Azure for Dummies and How to use Azure Service for increasing security for your platform

  • In-Person @ Apollo Business Center II, blok E Bratislava, , Slovakia (map)
  • 18:00 - 20:00 Central Europe Daylight Time
  • Language: English

session 1 – SQL Azure for Dummies - Tobiasz Koprowski
session 2 - How to use Azure Service for increasing security for your platform - Tobiasz Koprowski


SQL Azure for Dummies |Tobiasz J. Koprowski

Over seven years on a market. Windows Azure Database (formerly known as SQL Azure) is now very mature product. Used in thousands of millions of replicas around the world. If you never tried to use it - you should. How to begin your journey, where to start, what is important. Database, connections, backup, restore, templates and more parameters, functions will be covered in my session. I hope you will start your Azure journey after all.


How to use Azure Service for increasing security for your platform |Tobiasz J. Koprowski

The new release of Microsoft SQL Server: SQL Server 2016 brings new functionality for Data Security Professionals. Now you can protect your data in your database anywhere (on-premise, in the cloud, even in the hybrid environment) even more simply than before. Transparent Data Encryption with better algorithms and better support for backup, Row-Level Security, Dynamic Data Masking and Always Encrypted for your application are now simple features. We focus on theory and of course, will be demos. We look a little closer for few specific files that exist in our environment. We work on all three different environments, but our goal is only one: protect your data.


Speaker Bio:

Tobiasz J. Koprowski - Tobiasz is a community leader focused on SQL Server, Sharepoint, security, collaboration and ITIL, DR, BCM, SLA. Love licensing stuff. Founder of Shadowland Consulting. Microsoft Certified Trainer, freelancer, consultant. SME, Friends of RedGate PLUS. Member of PASS, SUGUK, PLSSUG, ISSA, ACM and several communities in the world. Data Platform MVP from July 2010. Former president of the Polish SQL Server User Group. Godfather of SQLDay Conference. An active blogger, international speaker. Co-author of SQL Server MVP Deep Dives Volume Two. STEM Ambassador. In free time traveler, cyclist, photographer. Coffee addicted.


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